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I pride myself on being able to adapt my writing to suit the needs of clients, so whatever your project is, drop me a line and we'll discuss your requirements. I'm happy to take on most kinds of writing work, but below are descriptions of some of the services I provide:

Original Articles

A good article has the ability to inform, persuade, entertain or teach. Whether you need a single short article on a specific topic or a whole series of longer articles on related topics, I can provide you with high quality original content for your website or print publication. Once an article is purchased, you own all copyrights and are free to do with it as you wish.


If you want to present to your readers an in-depth exploration of a niche topic, a colourful account of a travel destination or a comprehensive guide to a particular activity, I can create a thoroughly researched feature article that is both engaging and informative.

SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimised content is big business these days, and is a vital component for driving traffic to your website. Too often though, human readabilty is sacrificed for the sake of gaining favour with the search engines. If you're looking to increase traffic to your website, whilst ensuring it still makes sense to flesh and blood humans, I can produce any number of unique pages for you that seamlessly integrate your keywords.

Web Content

For very competitive prices, I will create original content for your website. Whether you need a series of product descriptions, sales pages or informative content, I'll work with you to ensure that your site not only fulfils its purpose, but also maximises its potential.


Blogs are an ideal way to keep customers informed and to bring extra traffic to your website, however many blogs suffer from either poor writing or lack of originality. I can provide you with original, professionally written content on a regular basis, that ensures that your visitors keep coming back.

Marketing/ Advertising Copy

I can help your website or business to more effectively reach prospective customers by producing attention-grabbing advertising and promotional copy that engages the reader and compels them to find out more.

Additional Services

Article and content rewrites
Brochures/ Leaflets/ Catalogues
Press Releases
Fiction and Non-fiction Ghostwriting



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